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Equity Pricing 

I believe money is an energetic exchange necessary to live in this current world, even as capitalism dissolves. There have been plenty of instances where people have attempted to exploit my magic and there have been times where financial flexibility granted me opportunities to discover, learn, and grow. 


I recognize my time is valuable and money is not universally accessible, at least in my experience. Gatekeeping is not my love language so, in an effort to not perpetuate longstanding systems of oppression, I offer these codes: 

  • For 25% off, use code IamEnough25

  • For 50% off, use code IamEnough50

  • For 75% off, use code IamEnough75

I can't possibly know your financial situation - you are the expert on you - but here are a few considerations:

Pay less if you: 

  • have significant debt (i.e. school loans, medical expenses not covered by insurance, child care, etc.) 

  • have children, family, or other dependents to support with your income 

  • are unemployed, underemployed, and/or have no savings or access to family resources/generational wealth (i.e. assets, investments, trust funds, etc.)

  • have low-income housing, rent, or a history of experiencing houselessness

  • have government assistance and/or trouble getting your basic needs met (food, housing, transportation)

Pay more if you:

  • own your home

  • earned degrees little to no student loan debt   

  • are able to meet your basic needs with ease and/or expendable income 

  • if your race, ability, body size, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, skin color, and/or class do not impact your income or earning power

  • if you have/had familial support and access to resources growing up (i.e. higher education, career and/or finance advice)

This is not meant to be prescriptive. Both/and can apply here, too. I trust that you know best.

If there is another amount (higher or lower) that you're able to pay, use Paypal and note the title.

Black and Indigenous folx across the diaspora: if you're in need of a free recording, please email me. 

If you would like to help others access, I accept contributions via CashApp ($shimmies), Venmo (@cindyleealves), and Paypal. Thank you! 

Thank you to those who have modeled this in my life. Thank you to those who shift in their own business. To learn more, check out Ride Free Fearless Money and Business For The People.  

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