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In my experience, sexuality tends to be the “pink elephant in the room”. It's seen everywhere but rarely talked about. It's 2022 and still so taboo! 


Ever since junior high, my passion has always centered sex(uality)


Thanks, AOL dial-up!


Back then, I was told I was too young - not only to talk about sex but to be so sure of what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” Clearly, young Cindy Lee said...


 "Challenge ACCEPTED!" 


Now, nothing pleases me more than to share this information with others. Whether it’s large groups or one-on-one, I LIVE for the “ah-ha” moments! Right when that light bulb flickers, it’s like those old York Peppermint Patty commercials


I get the sensation!


With over a decade of experience, I provide inclusive sexuality education, empowerment workshops, and consulting, as well as coaching for budding sexuality professionals. 


Interest piqued?


Please peruse the website and get a taste of what I offer.

Already have a project in mind? 



Cindy Lee Alves (they/she) is an award-winning sexologist with over a decade of experience in facilitating challenging conversations with folx of all ages across the globe. Centering Black and brown folks across intersecting system-impacted identities, they have educated thousands of people on various topics related to sexuality education and empowerment.

"It's ALL connected," she proclaims, elevating pleasure and justice as intrinsic to wellness and liberation.

As Founder of Ascension Institute, Cindy Lee offers workshops, consulting, and private coaching around pleasure, entrepreneurship, and thriving as a whole-ass human. As the host of Sex on Shuffle podcast, she discusses sexuality using teachable moments in media and popular culture. They are also recognized for their contributions as a founding member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network's Leadership Collective.

Cindy Lee earned their Master of Education (M.Ed.) from Widener University’s Center for Sexuality Studies and Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology and Women's Studies from Stony Brook University.

Her downtime involves music, yummy food, and shimmying often.

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