Sex(uality) Education. Empowerment. Nuance.

Cindy Lee is an award-winning sexologist, educator, and writer with over a decade of experience in facilitating challenging conversations with both adults and young people. She has taught thousands of people on topics including, but not limited to: comprehensive sexuality education, pleasure, gender, and social justice.


Her interest began early on, as she and her junior high school peers constantly sought accurate information and a non-condemning voice of reason. Taking her curiosity and interest to the library and the internet, she searched for sexuality professionals that looked like her, only to be met with Dr. Ruth. While Dr. Ruth is a legend in her own right, Cindy Lee was looking for someone that looked like her to connect with and share stories. This ignited her dedication to be what she did not see.


Rejected by the peer education program at her high school, Cindy Lee took her passion and incorporated it into her undergraduate work, obtaining a dual Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University in Psychology and Women’s Studies. As a first-generation college student, she found every way possible to incorporate sexuality into her education, minoring in Human Sexual & Gender Development, as well as volunteering for Planned Parenthood. She also tailored her Resident Assistant and sorority programming to her love of inclusion, pleasure and sex positivity. After completing her graduate studies at Widener University’s Center for Sexuality Studies’, she gained a Master's in education, and has worked with non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies around the country, as well as engaged audiences of podcasts, online radio stations and contributed to online/print magazines.

Currently, Cindy Lee is an independent consultant, offering workshops, keynotes, and private coaching on various topics involving, human sexuality, intersectionality, and personal transformation. When she is "off the clock", Cindy Lee enjoys music, yummy food, and shimmying often.   


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