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an accountability container

Forest Road with sunlight peeking through

You are brilliant.

Look at you doing the damn thing!

Even if there’s resistance in reading that (cause me too!), stay with me for a sec...


 you’ve got an idea   or idea(s) 


 you need support   when it comes to   action. 

 you’ve got plans 

 all your goodness is up in the ether (in  that beautiful brain of yours) and needs  some tethering. 

 it feels better energetically to be in a   space with like- minded goal-getters   and intention-setters bringing 

 [insert plan here] to fruition. 

 I got you. 

Just because you can do it alone...

doesn't mean you have to.

Sunset Skies

held is a space where witnessing and connection give our ideas wings


we map out our intentions and our action steps.


simply making a thing a thing.

I like to think of it as an energetic anchoring.

Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

held is for

Black women, femmes, and nonbinary folx women, femmes, and nonbinary folx of color

who are entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives looking for a space to gather and incubate their next offer, event, project, or personal commitment

inside held, you receive a month of dedicated cowerking and support

three 90-min group calls

one group cowerk call (2 hours)

unlimited shimmies

and a dedicated #HypeHeaux (cindy lee!)

Work Desk


week 1: we set intentions
week 2: we map it out
week 3: we do that shit
week 4: we commit to next steps

Green Couch

optional add on

comfy couch call

my nervous system-regulated version of a

“hot seat”

cause we love ease

(and relaxed bootyholes)

over here!

BRG2 Navy Blue And White Headshot Real Estate Instagram Post.png

your facilitator
cindy lee alves (they/she/cindy lee)

I am a sexologist, educator, and coach

I am a lover, a learner, and an avid shimmy-er

I help women, femmes, and nonbinary folx of color prioritize pleasure - in their business, their bedroom, their wellness

Red Velvet

Let me help you live your best life


stay ready

support your clarity and focus


plan it out so you can do. that. shit


space for you to witness and be witnessed by other entrepreneurs and creatives


commitment and discipline while prioritizing your pleasure, ease, and joy


held enrollment begins 2024 

3 group calls with cowerks

1 dedicated cowerk

exchange: $83

comfy couch call add-on: $111

I think it’s beautiful for folx to come together and discuss their

dreams and goals


let’s keep that same energy when committing to them

(no shade or shame cause

this is a practice).

let’s do. this. shit.


held group.jpg

when are the calls?

on wednesdays
calls: 9/13, 9/20, 10/4 3-4:30 pm est/12pm-1:30pm pst

cowerk: 9/27 3-5pm est/12pm-2pm pst
if you decide to add-on the comfy couch call:

10/3 3-5:30pm est/12pm-2:30pm pst

how many people will be in held?

keeping it cute and intimate with 15 participants so that everyone feels seen and supported.

will the calls be recorded?

yes, you will have access to the recordings for 30 days (from close)

can white people join?

no, but you can share with the Black women/femmes/folx and women/femmes/folx of color in your life


ready to join held?

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