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Sex on Shuffle #10 & 11: Healing the Erotic Self with Sista Sexologist - Parts 1 & 2

Image of SistaSexologist posing by foliage with logos to the right of her for Healing the Erotic Self and Sex on Shuffle; Text on the Bottom says "Episode 10 & 11: Healing the Erotic Self with Sista Sexologist

Image: Photo of SistaSexologist along with Healing the Erotic Self's and Sex on Shuffle's logos. Text underneath saying, "Episode 10 & 11: Healing the Erotic Self with Sista Sexologist"

Sista Sexologist Lena Queen (she/they) joins us on this episode of Sex on Shuffle. She shares what informs and inspires her work and her healing.


Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed. in their healing, which began 18 years, is a long way from where they started. That beginning also marks the beginning of her healing practice as both a practitioner and facilitator of healing. In her professional life, they are a private practice clinical somatic sexologist, cannabis & plant medicine advocate, and transformational life coach. In her personal life, they are queer, gender fluid, polyamorous, kinky, lofi trap-jazz hippie, sexual-spiritual, spiritual-sexual, and erotic human being.

Her queerness & her Blackness inform all of who she is.

Her healing approach is intersectional healing-centered that is kink-aware and pleasuring affirming. She believes we all experience our own unique set of events that affect our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being- our WHOLE-Self.

With her mental and sexual health agency, Journey Wellness & Consulting Group, LLC., sex education teaching institute, The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute, Inc. , and signature life coaching program, Healing The Erotic Self, she and her team have a multitude of ways of supporting your sexual healing journey.

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Part 1

Part 2



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