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On Shuffle with Cindy Lee #6: #Lovelovelove

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Happy Black History Month! On this episode of On Shuffle with Cindy Lee, I talk a little about Black History Month and Valentine's Day. I also talk about a few things I #lovelovelove, including Zaya Wade and a new closing segment.


Ericka Hart's Instagram (Check out her stories and highlights for #ihartBlackhistory)


I will be recording episodes called Ask Effin Anything (an homage to my old nickname Cindy Effin Lee) where I will answer your questions about sex(uality) and living your best life. If you have any questions, contact me here or at

Update (10/2020): Don't forget to check out the Sex on Shuffle YouTube channel!



Music: Sunday Skate in Golden Gate - Otis McDonald - YouTube Audio Library

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