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On Shuffle with Cindy Lee #3: The Derrière Debate

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

On this episode of On Shuffle, I speak of ass.  Well, not just ass, famous, glorious ass.  Remember that one time that Lizzo wore a dress and danced with the Lakers Cheerleaders and her ass was only separated from us by a thin layer of fabric and many folks lost their collective shit? Yeah ... let's get into it (not literally).

Resources mentioned

Controversy about Lizzo’s outfit at Staples Center in LA

Lizzo’s Response

Summer Walker Cancels Tour due to Social Anxiety

Beyonce's Stylist Kim Kimble

Noname Says She Won’t Keep Performing for Predominantly White Crowds, Will Quit Rap Noname's Book Club

Update (10/2020): Don't forget to check out the Sex on Shuffle YouTube channel!



Music: Sunday Skate in Golden Gate - Otis McDonald - YouTube Audio Library

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