Sex on Shuffle #7: Candid amid COVID-19 with Lisa of Afromajick

Updated: Feb 18

Image: Photo of Lisa along with Afromajick's and Sex on Shuffle's logo. Text underneath saying, "Episode 7: Candid Amid COVID-19 with Lisa of AfroMajick.

On this episode of Sex on Shuffle, Lisa of Afromajick joins us and chats with Cindy Lee about all the joy they’re partaking in via the interwebs despite living through the pandemic. If you haven’t seen any of the IG live VERZUZ, there will be spoilers!

Lisa is a Witch, Tarot interpreter and Spiritualist. She is also a Pleasure-affirming, sex-positive Sexuality Educator. Colliding worlds and energies, she helps people connect with their Higher Guidance and get in touch with their Higher Sexual Selves too. You can find her at

Our conversation begins at 6:10 but we get into our favorite VERZUZ at 22:04 (if you want to guess which it was, listen before you dive into the links below).

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Image (from my screenshot archive): Erykah Badu performing at Radio City in 2015 for Dave Chappelle's return to the stage. It was an amazing show! This was before they began using those phone locking pouches; they had staff walking around making sure we didn't take photos (I got voicenotes though lol).

Video: The last time I saw Jill Scott perform. Here is her infamous mic fellating while still singing her ass off! Legendary!

Update (9/2020): Don't forget to check out the Sex on Shuffle YouTube channel!



Music: Sunday Skate in Golden Gate - Otis McDonald - YouTube Audio Library

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