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Sex on Shuffle #19: The Burn for Bridgerton

On this episode of Sex on Shuffle, Cindy Lee shares a few sex(uality) teachable moments found in Bridgerton. Whether you liked the show or not, it does bring up some points of discussion. I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the future Bridgerton themed cosplay #justsaying

Enjoy! (spoiler alert)

Mentions & Resources

  • Bridgerton Intimacy Coordinator skit (SNL on YouTube)

  • 'Bridgerton' star says 'intimacy coordinator' helped craft those sex scenes everyone is talking about (article on MSN)

  • Better Than Nothing or Savvy Risk-Reduction Practice? The Importance of Withdrawal (2009 article on Guttmacher)

Don't forget to check out the Sex on Shuffle YouTube channel!



Music: Sunday Skate in Golden Gate - Otis McDonald - YouTube Audio Library

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