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“Hellooooo - is it meeee you’re looking for?”

*Lionel Richie voice*


In my experience, sexuality tends to be the “pink elephant in the room”. It's seen everywhere but rarely talked about. It's 2018 and still so taboo!


Ever since junior high, my passion has always centered sex and sexuality - thanks AOL dial-up! Back then, I was told I was too young - not only to talk about sexuality but to be so sure of what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” Clearly, young Cindy Lee said, "Challenge ACCEPTED!" 


Now, nothing pleases me more than to share this information with others. Whether it’s large groups or one-on-one, I LIVE for the “ah-ha” moment! Right when that light bulb flickers, it’s like those old York Peppermint Patty commercials - I get the sensation!


With over a decade of experience, I provide inclusive sexuality education, empowerment workshops, and consulting, as well as coaching for budding sexuality professionals. 


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